That's why Nova SBE is pleased to present to you Nova SBE Future Board - a new platform that gathers information about future consumer needs and preferences that aims to discover insights for an inspiring tomorrow.

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Nova SBE and its unique ecosystem of front-runners and trendsetters are in a special position to discover and create the future as it emerges, helping students, academia, corporate partners, and society in general, to envision what’s next.


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of the future

Nova SBE would, therefore, like to invite you to become a member of the Future Board, where you can share your opinions and visions empowering you to become part of the change we will see in the world.

Together, we can understand future trends, and translate insights to innovate and co-create new products, services, business models, or even companies.

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After you apply to join the Nova SBE Future Board, you’ll become part of an exclusive panel of participants who will contribute to several studies per year with the objective of envisioning the future and getting privileged access to the snapshots and reports produced.

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This survey will allow to know who are Nova SBE front-runners and trendsetters.

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Available until 21tst December 2018

Duration, approximately 10 minutes

Nova SBE Future Board

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